How Can Breathwork Help?

The breath is a powerful tool for connecting to our bodies and moving beyond what is holding us back. In the yoga tradition, breathing practices direct and expand our energy, even helping to eliminate physical and emotional blocks. Physiologically, breathwork has been been shown to diminish anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, boost vitality, relax the body, and clear the mind. Committing to a simple, but consistent daily practice of breathing with intention can significantly improve how you feel and function. Since everyone is different, your breath is the key to finding your own personal power and unique path to transforming how move through your days.


The power to thrive is anchored in your breath.

I offer safe and empowering private sessions for individuals, small groups or families seeking to explore breathwork and intention as a tool for expansion and self-healing. While each session will be different, I will serve as your guide to support your experience. You will receive accessible tools to help integrate what you are learning into your daily life.