What is Sound Healing?

"A practice like chanting gradually bestows on us the ability to let go of the pain in our hearts." ~Krishna Das

Did you know that devotional chanting is also a gentle form of breathwork (pranayama) and also diminishes anxiety, boosts immunity and even lowers the heart rate? In my own experience, chanting has been an effective way to quiet my mind and lift my mood. Its effects are magnified when practiced with others. Chanting as part of a circle is an empowering way to create and receive the uplifting vibration of Sanskrit mantras, while building connection and community.

sound healing.jpg

Open your heart, soothe your soul, raise your vibration.

I offer chanting circles for any group or studio that would like to explore chanting and breathwork in a safe, cozy and intimate way. You do not need to know Sanskrit or have a trained singing voice to explore the benefits of chanting, you just need an open heart and the willingness to raise your vibration to find peace and connection.