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" The power to thrive is anchored in our breath. I believe that we can all tap into our inner strength and light with simple awareness and a commitment to being fully present in each moment. " ~ kika

Christina Wypijewska (Kika) mph,eryt500,yacep (Photos by Maya Scheidl)

Christina Wypijewska (Kika) mph,eryt500,yacep (Photos by Maya Scheidl)



I’m here to help guide you towards finding a simple path to reconnecting with your full potential. As a yoga and meditation teacher, public health advocate, mother and writer, I have dedicated my life to sharing everything I’ve learned about the ancient techniques and wisdom that have helped me on my own voyage. While not always a straight path, there are proven ways to simplify your life and improve your well-being. Everything you need is already inside of you. My hope is that my offerings will help you to open your heart, find clarity and feel more connected. I look forward to working with you.

With gratitude and love,


My Background & Training

I have extensive experience working with teens and adults, including training other teachers. A graduate of Vassar College and Yale University, with a Masters in Public Health, I’ve been committed to advocating for the human right to physical and mental health through decades of work in public health and teaching yoga and meditation. I received my initial yoga training while living at Ananda Ashram, my certification for teaching kids and teens with ChildLight Yoga, and completed a 500-level advanced training, including a 100-hour Ayurveda intensive, with the Laughing Lotus Center in NYC. In 2015, I joined the Berkeley Aquatic Center to develop and direct a comprehensive yoga and mindfulness program designed to complement swim training and empower young athletes to find balance and maximize their full potential beyond athletics.


What I Offer

As an experienced yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, I offer workshops, mentoring, and customized group and private sessions, including for teacher trainings and retreats. Since 2011, I have been working to empower teenagers to find balance using meaningful self-care practices such as yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and creative expression. I incorporate Ayurvedic principles to cultivate seasonal balance and connection. My goal as a teacher is to guide you on a journey that moves beyond the physical experience of yoga into a deeper exploration of self through powerful practices integrating movement, mantra, mudra and breath awareness. My approach draws from a deep well of many traditions and is deeply rooted in Ashtanga and the timeless wisdom of the ancient teachings. I am grateful to all of my teachers over the years, especially at Ananda Ashram.

Select Credentials & Training

Undergraduate Degree in Biology from Vassar College
Masters in Public Health from Yale University
Published Work with the National Academy of Sciences, Mothering Magazine, JAMWA
200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Ananda Ashram, New York
500-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, New York
100-hour Ayurveda Training with Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, New York
Certified ChildLight Yoga Instructor
Yoga for Cancer Care Training
Yoga for Autism, The Integral Yoga Institute
The Ayurvedic Art of Health & Healing with Dr. Vasant Lad
Sound Healing Training with Sage Academy of Sound Energy, Woodstock, NY