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Who Am I

I’m here to help guide you towards finding a simple path to reconnecting with your full potential. As a yoga teacher, public health advocate, mother and writer, I have dedicated my life to sharing what I’ve learned…


Let’s Work Together

Do you want to feel more grounded, less stressed and better able to navigate your world? Are you the parent of a teenager struggling or overwhelmed with social, academic or even athletic pressures that feel difficult or impossible to manage?




Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…including you

~ Anne Lamott



“Ayurveda teaches that we live most optimally by observing cycles in nature,and utilizing practices that align ourselves with them.”


Sound Healing

"A practice like chanting gradually bestows on us the ability to let go of the pain in our hearts."

~Krishna Das

Upcoming Events

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Ayurveda Workshop for Self-Care

How can you fine tune your self-care practices to support your own unique constitution?