Cultivating Unshakeable Trust


Summer can inspire us to be playful or adventurous. It can also be the season of family vacations and doing the things we love. But for many of us, the summer blues are all too common. A disruption in our regular routines, indulging in food and drink that bring us out of balance, and unmet expectations by family and friends can all lead to feelings of sadness, disappointment and sometimes despair. When life doesn't feel quite right or you feel surrounded by negative people or experiences, it becomes ever more important to cultivate an inner trust so that we do not move into a place of self-doubt and fear.

Especially when we are overwhelmed with insecurity and unable to sit quietly with our thoughts, vajrapradama mudra (the gesture of unshakeable trust) can help us to move subtly into a place of inner strength to build self-confidence by cultivating deep trust in Self. Sometimes I take this gesture while lying down by placing the mudra firmly over my heart and allowing my arms to hug my side ribs. With my hands resting on my chest, I take the time to watch my breath move deeply and slowly into my fingers and palms.


With palms facing towards you, interlace your fingers with your thumbs facing up. Stretch the fingers and feel how the connected fingers are strong like a woven fabric. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, you may rest the mudra on your chest or you may hold your hands about an inch or so in front of your heart with your palms facing inward and drawing your elbows wide apart.


This mudra builds self-confidence by releasing self-doubt, cultivates inner strength and restores faith in something greater. It opens the heart and cultivates a feeling of connection. It is a great mudra to practice when you are tackling a seemingly insurmountable challenge. 

kika xo