Sharing What I Love


What inspires you? What keeps you centered and helps you to feel clear-headed, strong and balanced? Do you ever feel like you have a powerful intention, but don't know where to begin?

Taking action can take many forms and I know the feeling of not always knowing where to begin. While some days I wake up motivated and clear, other days propel me into the shadows of self-doubt and fear. When unchecked, those feelings can grow bigger and more powerful, unless I commit to taking action to diffuse them.

Radical change happens incrementally with a series of small steps over time. Some tools work better than others depending on your constitution, your mood, the weather, and the people around you. My intention is to demystify what I've explored so that you can find freedom to do the same.

As a trusted teacher for other yoga teachers, devoted and curious practitioners like me, and the hundreds of teenagers I’ve had the privilege to coach, I am sharing the most simple, yet effective Yoga and Ayurveda-inspired strategies that I have successfully tried on my own.

This treasure trove of easy-to-use resources and recipes are ones that you can explore on your own with a light-hearted approach. I will be adding new resources regularly over the next few months and hope some will resonate with you. Please drop me a line and share your story. I look forward to taking baby steps with you

Love and gratitude,