How Can Mentoring Help?

Do you enjoy group yoga classes, but want to explore yoga and meditation more deeply on your own? Are you struggling to develop a personal home practice beyond using online apps? Are you a yoga teacher looking for more support and ideas? Are you a teenager (or parent of a teenager) feeling overwhelmed and looking for guidance and tools beyond college test prep? Mentoring will help you find clarity and confidence. Our time together is customized to each individual and will incorporate conversation, meditation and breathwork. You will receive tools to integrate what you are learning into your daily life.


You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I offer two different types of three-month 1:1 Mentorship Programs, including one for yoga teachers and one for anyone else seeking support with the following:

Commit to Daily Meditation

Create a Home Yoga Practice

Empowerment for Teenagers

Post-Workout Recovery for Athletes

Mentorship for Yoga Teachers